Training Contents

A typical training day is as follows:

  • Morning: you are are introduced to methods and supported theory.
  • Afternoon: you put your new knowledge into practice with real case studies coming from the industry. You will use Isatis.neo Mining Edition, the software solution in geostatistics from our partner Geovariances and are supervised by a senior geostatistician.

Tuesday evenings and Fridays are dedicated to Professional Projects where participants work on their own dataset.

Course sessions, guidance and case study tutorials will be delivered in English.
You will also be given a reference book
either in English, French or Spanish.

Detailed program

Acquired practiceMethods
Week 1
Fundamentals I
Block model for a monometallic depositUnivariate analyses
Variogram calculation and modelling
Stationary and non-stationary kriging
Week 2
Fundamentals II
Block model for a multi-element deposit, accounting for the geologyMultivariate analyses
Indicator Geostatistics
Transition analysis
Geology and grade estimation
Week 3
Global and Local
resources I
Block model using stochastic outcomes of geology and gradesGaussian anamorphosis
Gaussian simulation by Spectral and Turning Bands methods
Plurigaussian simulation
Week 4
Global and Local
resources II
Recoverable resource calculation for selective miningSelectivity
Change of support
Information effect
Conditional Expectation Uniform Conditioning
Week 5
Advanced methods
Extreme values
Open-pit optimization
Geological unit layout
Directionality and Geotechnics
Top cut modeling
Disjunctive kriging
Multi-pit methods
Potential methods
5D Geostatistics for geotechnical variables

Optional week

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